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Shofar Study Testimonials

Dear Dan,

I cannot thank you enough for your kindess, generosity, expertise, patience and flexibility.  Our student shofar sounder is going to be amazing and really elevate the experience of our kahal.  You've done us all a great act of chesed

Many thanks,

Rabbi N., New York area university Jewish Life Program 


Thank you very much for the 1st session this past Wed.  It was very insightful and educational as well as an improvement of our shofar blowing.  

R., congregant shofar leader, Reform Congregation, Nevada, after a session conducted on Skype. 

L'Shanah Tovah!

You may recall that I attended your shofar workshop last year,  and later purchased 

a shofar (out of your car trunk behind the Jewish Museum in Freehold).  

Thought I should let you know that I blew the shofar for my temple (Ahavat Olam 

in a Howell) this year; some people were so impressed they made donations 

to the temple in my name.  Many more congratulated me on my performance.  

You would have been proud! - Al. L., enthusiastic new Ba'al Tekiah


"Thank you for the wonderful shofar program [a crash course for 
Hebrew school children two weeks before Rosh Hashanah]
Rabbi W., Congregational Learning Director


Just wanted to thank you for continuing adding to (a former) Temples's serviservice
services by teaching M. and some of our children Shofar blowing.  
They were wonderful and everyone enjoyed them. - J., NYC Temple President 


The rabbi mentioned a few points from your session in one 
of his Divrei Torah. - D., temple executive

Hi Cantor Dan,

Here is the video taken with the permission of the Rabbi.  I know Sam
enjoyed it and is itching for more. Thanks for getting them all to
this moment.  - B., proud Dad


The most helpful thing that we went over was tonguing to produce the teruah notes -- it was also really helpful for the shevarim as well.  

The technique proved much more effective than starting and stopping breathing into the shofar."  M., a rabbinical student ba'al tekiah


Thanks for everything.  I know we had a “moment” in the sanctuary, both yesterday and today.  The stopping and starting together meant a lot to some of our congregants, who mentioned to the Rabbi that it seemed nicer that we weren’t competing with each other.

You were a great teacher and pushed us farther than we thought we could go.  Again, if you need a reference for anywhere else, I will give you a glowing one.  Love, Howie. NJ Reform Temple President and student.

Dear Dan,

You have done a huge mitzvah for our synagogue. Thank you for all the hard work and your patience in setting schedules and working with everyone.  I am confident that we will see the fruits of your and their labors in a few days.  - Sharon, NJ Reform temple

Cantor Pincus,

Thank you for your message, and for your wonderful shiur about shofar.  I learned a lot from your presentation, and i am appreciative of your teaching...I am happy to go along with the judgment of the ba`alei teqi`a on the matter of the length of the teqi`a gedola and the other notes...  JJT, Conservative Rabbi, August 30, 2012


Thank you so much for the wonderful shofar text study session on August 29. It will certainly enhance our experiences of hearing and sounding the shofar from this point on.  On your website video, I was amazed how you got the shofarists to sound in perfect unison.  - Darryl, ED of Beth-El Keser Israel, New Haven, CT 

Cantor Pincus, 

Thank you for your time last night and to Darryl for hosting us. It was a very lively discussion in the carpool on the way home, and the rabbi's [eight-year old] son was really into it!   Shana tova and todah, 

I., Hebrew School Principal

Dear Cantor Pincus,

We enjoyed the presentation [on Rosh Chodesh Elul].  It shall we put it? A blast! Kol tuv and shanah tovah.  - New Yorkers



I enjoyed learning so much about the shofar and was impressed by your musical and intellectual command of the instrument and subject. Thank you for providing this tutorial in tekiah-shevarim-teruah!


Dear Dan,

I very much appreciated your taking the time to come down to New Jersey, and your sharing of your passion, experience and learning about the shofar. Will help very much with kavanah this year, in addition to a much-needed-with-too-much-else-to-do-already kick in the pants to get practicing.  Rabbi J., New Jersey

A posting to the American Conference of Cantors online listserve:

Dear all,

Shalom!  I want to share with you a wonderful experience.  Our colleague Cantor Daniel Pincus is a master teacher and a wonderful resource for all of us.  I have hired Dan to come to TBA twice to teach a master shofar blowing class and the response has been amazing.  Last year we met in the summer and learned new ways to understand how we blow shofar and how to master our breath and embouchure.  This year Dan brought us text study from many sources which showed us the history of the shofar and its use in our community and liturgy while demonstrating techniques for improving the sound and presentation for each musician.  I highly recommend that you bring Dan to your synagogue to help prepare your shofar blowers and or enhance your communities preparation for the High Holy Days.



[Regarding a group of shofar players young and older whom I

talent-scouted and trained]:

I want you to know that the shofar blowing was phenomenal…there is no other way to describe it…it was just phenomenal.  The people really 

enjoyed it.  L’shanah Tovah!   R., president of NYC congregation


Shalom and thank you so much!  We had a wonderful time and hope to

put together the shofar choir for part of Rosh Hashanah Day 2. After the

Holy Days are over I  would like to debrief and talk about plans for next year.   M., Cantor of a local Reform congregation

Thank you so much for the kind words and all your work with Adam.  
It is a testament to you that he is so engaged in the learning.
– P., mother of a fourth grader




It was a real pleasure learning from you.  You were informative and

inspiring at the same time.  Not a bad combination.

- M., adult male shofar student

Thank you so much for doing this.  
– D., mother of a student, referring to my shofar training program.
Dear Cantor Pincus, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach my son and daughter
to blow the shofar yesterday!  It was thrilling to see them do it, and do
so well at it, in only a few minutes! Your instruction was excellent and
so was your encouragement--and understanding of when they
began to tire. As I told them, I went through Hebrew School
from kindergarten through post bar mitzvah, and in all that time,
no one ever offered to teach me to blow the shofar. This was the
culmination of a wonderful year and a real tribute to your
dedication and knowledge that you took the time with them.
I hope they remember, and I hope they're called upon to blow
the shofar for years to come!   Thanks again. –
M., father of second and third graders




This was a lot of fun. Thanks for getting me focused and intervening before bad habits set it.  - Rabbi L., new student


Hi Dan,
Thanks!  The session was great and they all seemed to enjoy it. 
- Cantor T., cantor of a local Reform Congregation


Again, thanks so much!  You are a thoughtful and motivating teacher,

and I am going to take your advice to heart and continue to practice

throughout the coming year.  Thanks to you, that should be a treat,

and the results might be too. – D., adult volunteer;leader of Hillel services

A photo taken at the recording of the NPR podcast "The Walls of Jericho."

My first shofar students.