Cantor Daniel Pincus    
4791 Broadway, 2F
New York, NY 10034-4928

Click To Hear Cantor Pincus:
The Youtube video above reveals the shofar in a piece of performance art organized by Art Kibbutz that has serious intent.  Some take it as a travesty, a blasphemy...what do YOU think?  (Cantor Pincus begins the first sounding)

The video below is from the first few shofar classes at the Hebrew Tabernacle two years ago.  All of the students were new to the shofar and none had played a brass instrument.  But, they had the knack of making a tone and proved to be excellent students and now are novice ba'alei tekiah, players of the shofar.  Bravi Tutti...Kol Hakavod l'kulam.