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Welcome, respondents to the call for shofar research. Thank you for your service to your communities and to the Jewish people. I am beginning to compile data about shofar practices in North America. If you would like to participate, please answer type your answers to the questions, save it, and send it to me as an attachment to an email. Feel free to add anything. Also, please make a digital recording of yourself playing, saying your name first. My email address is

1.      How did you learn your shofar skills?


2.      Are you self-taught? If not, who taught you?


3.    Musically speaking, how do you play the kolot, the calls? Did you use musical notation to learn, if so, what are the sources? If you did, please include a copy of the music.


4.      Have you studied the various customs and laws of shofar playing?


5.      Have you found and nurtured new candidates to play shofar in your temple. Describe how it actually goes during the High Holidays -- how many players,where they stand, do they play together, etc?


6.      Do you play shofar in health care facilities and for shut-ins prior to the High Holidays,


7.      Did you learn any techniques of playing a brass instrument?


8.      What kind of shofarot do you play - ram's horn, antelope,etc.?


9.      What do you think about when you play?


10.     What does it all means to you?


11.     How would you like to improve?


12.     What is your current age? Your gender?


13.     How old were you when you first started playing?


14.What Jewish denomination you identify with - Reform, Conserative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and also whether you are of Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Mizrachi, or any other group? 

Don't forget to include a recording.  These days, it's rather easy.  If you don't have a recorder, try using your cell phone.  If that does not work, call my voice mail and play at 917-494-2724 or via Skype.  My Skypename is daniel.pincus.