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New York, NY 10034-4928

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News Clippings (Well, some old news, as well.)

The second Shofaron at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County will take place on Sunday, June 30.  For more details, see the Monmouth Shofaron 2013 page.  

Watch the video of Cantor Pincus performing the National Anthem at Fordham below.

The Daily News:

Larry McShane wrote about Cantor Pincus singing the National Anthem at the Catholic Fordham University's basketball games.

The New York Times:

A few days later, Clyde Haberman's article appeared:

Len Berman:

The next day, Len Berman posted a comment about his National Anthem activities on Len's Top Five Column:


"5. All Rise

What do the late Kate Smith and Bronx Cantor Daniel Pincus have in common? They are/were singing good luck charms for sports teams. Kate did her thing singing God Bless America for the Philadelphia Flyers. The Cantor belts out theNational Anthem for Fordham basketball. Despite the fact Fordham is a Jesuit school, the Jewish guy is doing just fine. Since he began crooning, the Rams are a 3-1. ...If you want to hear some raging Jewish religious tunes, knock yourself out."

In case you missed it, go back to the Home Page to hear and see Cantor Pincus performing at the Fordham women's basketball game today.