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A Drum Circle...what's a Drum Circle?

Glad you asked.  A drum circle happens when a group of people sit in 
a circle and play drum patterns, with or without a leader.  
It can be an experience of relaxation, creativity, "changing the channel" and and energizing all at once.  

Some feedback:


The pleasure was all mine. It was truly wonderful having you work with my 
classes.  You run a great drum circle."  - Adam, Director, summer camp 
for toddlers

“This is the best program of any kind that I have ever seen in my 13 years working here.”  - Carmelo B., nursing home engineering staff member, himself a percussionist

"Dan, thank you so much for today. What a healing experience in the chapel and what a rejuvenating experience in the group. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful experience. As I know you could tell from my face, I just loved playing the drum (smile).   I would love to attend again next month and hopefully bring one or two of the veterans from the ID clinic who would also enjoy this group.   Once again, thank you. You are a wonderful healer…Please remember me next month for the next drum circle. I would love to have some of my patients (and I love it to) participate once again.  Thank you both again for a lovely day and making a difference in all of our lives!!! You are terrific!!!"   – Jeanne S., Social Worker, VA Hospital

“I heard it [the first drumming session with her patients in a psych unit] was a huge success.  Thank you!”  - M. P., director of therapeutic recreation at a major New York Hospital


“I heard from the staff and patients what a success the drum program was.  I am very pleased that it worked out well.”  - C.C., therapeutic recreation supervisor at a major New York hospital


“I thought it was great! It was a fun team-building activity. We don't really ever do stuff together as an office... Dan did a good job of being the experienced drummer leader and keeping us from getting in a rut.” - Rachel E., publishing house staff member


I had a great time, felt very much relaxed and ready to go. I think most people did—whether they’d admit it or not. So thanks.”

– J.J.,  Publishing CEO


“Very relaxing once in the groove and a great group bonding exercise.” Donna A., publishing employee


“I liked the meditation a lotI also liked having a forum that allowed us to communicate nonverbally and to listen and respond to each other through rhythm. Plus it was fun to try all the different, alluring toys.”  - Jason, book designer


“My friend and I here were in the coffee shop before talking about how depressed we were feeling.  Now, after drumming, I feel so up and happy.” - Zelda, participant in NYC senior center


“Really great way to try out something new in a non-judgmental environment.  Great new form of expression.”   – Elizabeth, D.,  NYC senior citizen center participant


“Really great program.  I witnessed people smiling who hadn’t smiled in a while.  Also, socializing after the circle had high levels of engagement between participants, especially those who met for the first time.”  Ed B., Executive Director, NYC senior citizen center


“Yes! Would love to know about upcoming events.   I loved your drum circle because it is the first time i have not felt intimidated playing drums or that i was doing something wrong. I always feel that there is something i am missing with rhythm and drums. I am a musical [person], so it is important for me to connect to this element of myself.  Thank you so much for making the environment so safe.  Emily, Jewish Drum Circle participant


“You play those drums great, man.  Wow.  Really great.  I thought God had abandoned me…” - Baptiste C., hospital patient.  


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My current drum circle: 

New York Presbyterian Hospital