Cantor Daniel Pincus    
4791 Broadway, 2F
New York, NY 10034-4928

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Cantor Pincus is a liberal Jewish Reform cantor.  The most frequent comments folks make about his wedding ceremonies is that they are serious, warm and funny, and last no more than 30 minutes.  Not a bad combination for the time of life that is serious, warm, and, sometimes, funny, or in need of a light touch...

Cantor Pincus leans to the traditional, but welcomes fresh, new elements. 

Interfaith weddings:  He does officiate interfaith weddings.  When young couples plan to raise children as Jews, he is happy to officiate.

He has co-officiated with Christian clergy and continues to do so. 

Same-sex unions:  Yes, when committed love is felt by members of the same sex, he will gladly officiate.  

Non-demoninational weddings with a spiritual aspect:  he will officiate or participate in these, as well. 

Saturday weddings:  From 6pm, all year round. 


Funerals and Unveilings:  Cantor Pincus is sought out to perform funerals and unveilings in the New York tri-state area.  His gentle manner, combined with his awareness of the clock, his meaningful instructions about mourning practices, PLUS his soothing tenor voice, smiles, sometimes tears, thoughtful reflection and a time healing for all who attend.

Valued also for his singing, speaking and teaching,  the Cantor officiates all Jewish ceremonies, including same-sex unions, as well.  Join the many who have engaged Cantor Daniel Pincus, whom Andrew Porter of The New Yorker once called "a lively and  engaging tenor," to usher them into their  sacred moments of  arrival, celebration, devotion, and remembrance.   

Cantor Pincus can officiate all Jewish ceremonies with comments and translations in Russian and Modern Hebrew.